ABNA: Publishers Weekly Reviews Pinocchio is Punching You
January 24, 2008

ABNA "In this funny sendup of the classic fairy tale, Pinocchio, having been made a boy, wants one more thing: to be made a ninja. Pinocchio hangs out at the mall, where a bully convinces him that ninja mastery can be had-at a price. The story sharply outlines the oddity of pre-pubescent boys' fixations (ninjas, zombies, petty theft and bra straps), and its playful blend of realism and fantasy is just right. The author has a sharp ear for dialogue and for the unusual highways and byways that adolescent conversations take. It's a clever idea executed ably; lots of laugh-out-loud moments and off-beat humor pepper this fun, inventive romp."
--Publishers Weekly

Pinocchio is Punching You!

Cool, I might be able to sell this. (The above review is based on the entire novelette, not just the ABNA posted excerpt.)

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